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From Anxiety to Peace 
Are you ready to be transformed?

Summer is over for many of us and I have my finger crossed that your kids are now able to get back to their classes and you are starting to find that you can focus more on yourself. 

If you have noticed and increase in your stress levels and anxiety during the last few months, you are certainly not alone. But because everyone has been struggling it's hard to know where to turn for guidance. 

Especially now that we live in a world where we must take into account a new way of life as we go forwards, many people just like you have realised that your old life doesn't quite fit anymore. The way you used to do things or the things you put up with, you are no longer willing to accept.  

But where to start? What's the first step? Is it even ok for me to enjoy my life when there's a pandemic happening? 

If you are like me, you have probably always lived with anxiety, perhaps you have labelled yourself "Type A" or a  "Perfectionist" even. I know I thought that was just how I was, and I would always be. 

Even though I grew up feeling loved and generally did well in my life, there was a constant level of anxiety in everything I did. This would show itself by avoiding new situations, taking the safe option and missing out on things. I would also try to control things that were actually completely out of my control (weather, airplanes, traffic jams you name it!), often making myself ill in the process. 

I've had a good life, what did I have to be so anxious about? But some unique challenges along the way gave me a chance to change this. I had my life rudely interrupted by a nuclear meltdown in Japan in 2011. However,  it was thanks to this horrific event that I am now living the life I am.  Perhaps for you, the Covid-19 pandemic will be that trigger point that helps you to notice that you need a new way of living the way Fukushima did for me. 

I want you to be able to have a more confidence in yourself and a peaceful state of mind, so that you can go on to really truly create a life you can be proud of. 

For a short time, I am opening up my VIP one to one sessions for a limited number of people. 
Only six places are available and you will get my full attention during our sessions together. 

Sessions will be held online, using Google Meet, you only need to click on the link I provide to join. It's super easy if you are unfamiliar with online meetings. 


As a VIP, one to one client:

  • You will receive a power packed work book to fill out before our first session together. This will help you come prepared and ready for us to make progress! 

  • Monthly habit and strategies content

  • An introductory call of 60 minutes, so I can get to know you and how we can best work together

  • Monthly one to one online calls (60 minutes) to work through blocks and speed bumps along the way

  • Email access to me between sessions

  • Invitations and free attendance to any in person or online events I hold during the time you are a VIP client. 

What does the coaching involve?

During our time together we will work on

  • Mood enhancement through movement

  • Building confidence with experiments

  • Self analysis to know yourself better

  • Visualisation and self hypnosis

  • Learning new thought processes

  • Studying assumptions and judgements


Start Date: September 2020 - February 28, 2021 (6 months)

Last date to join: September 29th, 2020


Monthly payment: 27,000 yen x 6 payments or approximately 2,300 SEK x 6 payments

One time payment: 150,000 yen or approximately 13,000 SEK (Save 12,000 yen/approximately1000 SEK)

This coaching is for you if:

  • You know that you are not living your best life

  • You are ready to take responsibility for your life and actions

  • You want to be around other people who are making things happen!

  • You are willing to put in the work and show up to our calls and to make this a PRIORITY in your life

You probably shouldn't join if:

  • You are struggling with depression or anxiety that requires medication, this is not the program for you, I hope you will continue to seek the help you need 

  • You are looking for somewhere to complain and for someone to do the work for you!

  • You are unable to afford the investment in this coaching. I really don't want you putting yourself into a place of struggle to work with me. 














Here is what some of my current and previous clients have done:

Listen to Minori here: iTunes

Listen to Harumi here: iTunes


WATCH OUT FOR THIS TRAP: “I’m fiiiine, I'll just keep doing my best and save the money”...

...And it IS a trap.

Because we know what really happens right?

You crash every few weeks because you're worn out from feeling anxious and worried on top of everything you have to do. 

You miss opportunities because that voice in your head talks you out of it

Now it's school holidays/New Year Vacation/Golden Week/Midsommer/ Insert holiday here!

And so, you focus on that and suddenly another year has flown by. 

You feel you are "SAFE" and "IN CONTROL" but the truth is we are never in control. If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything it's that we have to get better at living with things being out of our control. 

But the good news is that, you can get better at this. I know because I've done it myself and I'm here to help you to get better at it too. I can promise you, it's pretty damn fantastic over here. 

Important Note: It matters to me that this makes an actual difference for you and your life...which is why I’m offering a 30-day, money back GUARANTEE. If you're not satisfied I'll cancel and refund your first month's investment. One condition: You must show up to all the calls and you must be able to show me you have done the work. If you are not willing to put in the work from your side, then I think it's better for everyone if you wait until you are. 


Book a 30 minute no strings attached introductory call to see if you would be a good fit! 

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