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Testimonial: Catherine O'Connell, host of Lawyer on Air

It has been the best investment by far that I have made in my life and wellbeing in 2021 working with Jayne.

When Jayne had me as a guest on her podcast in 2018 I was so taken with her way of engaging and that she had already recorded several dozen podcasts. I remember thinking “I want to do what she’s doing!” and so I declared my wish to release a podcast on that recording … but it took me until March 2021 to launch with Jayne. I hid from the challenge as I really had no idea where to start. I thought I needed an array of fancy tech tools and to have everything perfect before launching. But I discovered that with Jayne alongside me I really only needed a bit of planning and to show up as myself and for action to be the first step and to work it out as I went.

Our first strategy call is imprinted on my mind. Jayne is a “podcast-whisperer” I knew what I didn’t want the podcast to be about – not dry legal talk by lawyers about dry legal subjects. But I couldn’t quite get to pinpoint what it was exactly that I wanted to do. Jayne listened, whispered her wise words and got me there. I can honestly say, without working with Jayne, Lawyer on Air would still be back in 2018 as an untouched dream. Instead, we got to be a finalist in the Best Business Podcast category at the Quill Podcast Awards 2021. It’s not about the award nomination itself that matters so much, but that I could not have got anywhere near there without Jayne at my side (and whispering inside my head!)

You only have one choice; which level of contract to engage with to hire Jayne! The full works or something less. I am glad I chose the full buffet! It has been the best investment by far that I have made in my life and wellbeing in 2021 working with Jayne (it feels more like play to be honest it is so much fun). I’ve also found it’s more about my guests and the impact their conversations have had on friends and family that has made this so worthwhile for me.

Thank you Jayne, it is such a lot of fun working with you.


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