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Testimonial: Sarah Furuya, host of Sarah Furuya Legends Interview Series

Five Stars

I hired Jayne to get my Legends Podcast up and running.

I had about 10 hours of audio that went with video interviews and in the wake of COVID, was not able to do in-person conversations with my guests, yet was itching to get back into telling people’s stories.

A podcast was the natural thing to do however I had no idea how to put a podcast together and also realised it wasn’t the best use of my time to learn and work it out when I knew someone who had done it all before.

Enter Jayne. I sent her clear instructions for what I wanted - for her to listen to all the audio - edit if needed, pull copy from previous releases, set up the podcast platform, record intros and outros and put it all together then teach me and my assistant how to do it ourselves.

Jayne was brilliant - she hit every deadline with time to spare, put everything together in super quick time, actually called me and sat with me while I recorded my intro and outro and gave real-time feedback, added those to the platform and got all my back-dated audio up and running before my release date. It was seamless, stress-free, straightforward and fun.

She made a video for us to refer to when we are uploading ourselves and we are able to do all of that ourselves now, meaning this was a sustainable purchase. If I decide to edit and refine my podcasting and process in the future, I will go to Jayne for consultation and if I ever want my podcast episodes editing down to a shorter length - I’ll go to her for that too. That was not part of our brief at this time. I know that had it not been for Jayne I would likely still be working it out or putting off getting the podcasts up but my investment in her means I am in the podcasting business!

I would highly recommend Jayne’s podcast set up service to anyone who wants to be the creator and hand over the process work to someone skilled, reliable, fast, trustworthy and experienced.

Sarah Furuya

Legends Series Host


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