17 things from 2017

December 31, 2017



I thought I'd attempt to capture some of the cool things that happened in 2017 before it's all over and we are onto new things in 2018.


But then I tried to write 17 things and got performance anxiety so I decided to just write what came to mind. Here goes!


1) Doing it alone just doesn't work. 

So many times I've had to learn this lesson! When will I learn it for real? This year it was my business and my health I needed help with the most, but also asking for help in general in my personal life either from my husband, from friends or by hiring a cleaner, it all made things better! 


2) Trial your ideal life

Everything you do should be an experiment to see if it's what you really want. Do you think you want to move to Spain? Really? Why not go there for a month to see if that's true! This year we trialed going to NZ for longer periods for the kids to go to school and so far it's working in it's current form!


3) Baby steps work

In January, I took a baby step and organised a small get together of entrepreneurial women in Kyoto. Then I took another baby step and did one in Okinawa, then I helped someone else to run their retreat. Then I worked with a photographer to hold a retreat outside of my own specialty. Then I even had people come from overseas to join a retreat. Every step was one small step forward along the way I built up my confidence in what I can do. 

4) Blocks will appear

Most of the time they are just you getting in your own way. 99% of the time. I even had a little freak out that people were trusting me with their money and that responsibility took getting used to! 


5) Schedule in off time 

I realised that every time I did a retreat, I needed to block out the next week to recover. I've also noticed that my participants, when they get home from a retreat, need a week to recover themselves, too! Not just physically, but mentally! Some of the mental shifts that happen during the retreats are quite big!  


6) Body comes first

No matter what else I've got going on the schedule, I HAVE to look after my body first. Not only does a healthy body mean I can physically be there, but if I'm not feeling great, my mental state means I can't do my best work. I've got my first every 1/2 marathon coming up in New Zealand in February! So looking forward to completing that! 


7) I listen to inappropriate music

and hope my kids don't notice! But seriously it helps me to get things done! If I'm trying to write a pitch to someone or make a request, I turn on my best running music and I'm suddenly feeling like I can do it. Favourite ok for small people's ears songs of 2017 include: Havana by Camila Cabello, Attention by Charlie Puth. 


8) Everything is always working out for me

It's ok to believe this. It's not going to send extra bad luck your way. 


9) Good things take time

This I know. This is often resist, wanting it to be happening now. But I can sense that things are happening that I don't "see" yet but the wheels somewhere are turning and in the mean time I need to keep taking a step forward and then another. 



10) Never ever assume

My father always used to say that to assume makes and "ass" out of "u" and "me". Thanks for that gem Dad. I'm really really working on this! Soooo hard!! 


11) Surround yourself with uplifting people

Minimise your time with those who drag you down. 


12) Nature is where it's at

So often this came up for me this year, needing to be near beautiful nature. When I was back on the West Coast of New Zealand visiting my NZ family or skiing up Mt Daisen in Totttori prefecture, I felt free and happy. Nature is good for the soul. 


13) Photography is not an unlearnable skill! 

I've always struggled with taking decent photos, but once I went with Tia on our Capture Kyoto retreat, I realised I just need to get more curious about this thing called photography!