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Jayne is the award winning host of the #1 podcast for international women living in Japan: Transformations with JayneShe is also the co-host of the popular: Jandals in Japan. 

Jayne is the creator of PodLauch with Jayne, which helps podcasters around the world to launch and run their own show.

Originally from New Zealand, Jayne has lived in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan for over 20 years. After the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster hit her Japanese home town in 2011, she decided not to "run away", but to stay and overcome the challenges of living there. In 2020, her family embarked on another adventure to live in Sweden for what they thought would be three years. Due to the impact of Covid, she found herself back in Japan after just a year and set about rebuilding her life again. This time she promised herself she would focus on one thing for a year: Podcasting.


In 2021 she officially started her own podcast consulting, coaching and production business and continues to work on living her best life in Fukushima, earthquakes and all, with her family and dog Sebastian.


Jayne’s PodLaunch Family is a growing network of podcasts that focus on community and empowering women.

To find out more or ask about how Jayne can help you, please use the contact form below. 


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