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The PodLaunch Family is a network of podcasts that all share one thing. They give women a voice! You don't have to be in Japan to join this network, but we find that some affiliation with Japan is useful!


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You’ve probably heard of the Japanese concept of “Ikigai” but are wondering how you can successfully apply it to your life. How do you start living a life of purpose, jumping out of bed, excited to face the day?
Join the Tokyo based, British born facilitator and coach, Jennifer Shinkai and her guests to hear real-life stories of how regular people found and integrated their ikigai. Be inspired by how they took their first steps and how their lives have changed.
Still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up? Looking for practical tips to find your ikigai? Then this show is for you.

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Lawyer on Air - where I pour you a glass of wine at my favorite virtual wine bar in Tokyo while you listen to inspirational inside stories from my guests, as we relax and talk about what it’s like in life, and in the law, for women lawyers in Japan. 

Catherine O'Connell is the host of Lawyer on Air, the leading legal podcast in Japan. If you are a woman wanting to live your own authentic lawyer life, join Catherine and her guests as they dissect life in the law in Japan.

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 Diversity Rocks Innovation! with Dr. Jackie F. Steele, CEO of enjoi D&I consulting,  This show serves to highlight the benefits of collegial sharing of expertise, experiences and worldviews, and the current opportunities for fostering innovation and solidarity-building across a variety of industries and countries by “thought partnering out loud” with featured enjoi D&I thought partners. 

What is thought partnering out loud? 
Thought partnering is when two people come together to share expertise and improve the world. Through thought partnering, we can amplify the promise of diversity, democracy, and innovation.

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A project that started in mid 2019 but had been on the radar for many years. Not interested in surface tales of business or cliches of life, I have carefully selected a group of people to bring the richness of their lives to the table with incredible frankness and depth. Each is successful in their own way, have built, created, lost, grieved, started again, moved, traveled, celebrated, and delighted in life. Please revel in the richness of these legends.

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Grab your bento box, kick off your shoes, and relax as you listen as David Sweet shares his knowledge as a recruiter and certified executive coach. Whether your a CEO hiring exceptional people or an individual looking to land your next job, the Barefoot Lunch Podcast will inform and entertain you. 

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This podcast is hosted by Debbie Howard, Jon Brody and Tanya Krim. Caregiver Camp Podcast expands the boundaries of thinking around where and how companies can support their caregiving employees.
We feature enlightened perspectives across the caregiving landscape: from companies that celebrate caregiver-friendly workplaces to artificial intelligence product developers who are pioneering at-home detection programs for peace of mind. Join us to learn how companies are finding innovative ways to address the very real caregiving challenges we are now all seeing in the workplace!


The Business Karaoke Podcast, sponsored by Design Thinking Japan, is not only a podcast but a community of global leaders who exchange stories to modernize the dialogue around business in and with Japan. Through sharing stories of both failure and success, we give global leaders with a passion for Japan, and Japanese leaders with a passion for the global market, the tools they need to operate more effectively and with impact.

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 The Sasuga! Podcast is here to help you step out of your comfort zone, see your brilliance, and start to enjoy your work and personal life to the FULLEST!

Your host is Helen Iwata, a bilingual Brit with a three-decade career in Tokyo and an award-winning women’s success coach, speaker, and author.

Every week on the show, Helen shares her personal stories and favorite techniques around the four phases of the Sasuga! Success Cycle - selfcare, planning, communication, and productivity to help you enjoy more success and less stress.

You’ll also have the chance to listen in on heartfelt and eye-opening conversations with inspiring guests and hear answers to your questions to help you use your expertise, time, and energy better and, quite simply, to bring more joy to your work and life. 

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Business Success Japan is hosted by Lydia Beukelman.

This podcast is made for those who want to develop or strengthen the communication skills, cultural savvy, and mindsets essential in a Japanese business environment. The helpful, practical suggestions and engaging insights offer listeners in-depth cultural context to achieve their own version of success while collaborating with Japanese counterparts.

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A series of Intuitive Eating coaching sessions with real people who want to improve their relationship with food and focus on what's important to them.


Mayuko is a Registered Dietitian of 12 years, author, and founder of Food Liberation.