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Ashley from Beauty + Impact Podcast shares her story of launching with us

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

We are super excited to have Beauty + Impact as one of our PodLaunch shows. Ashley and Jasmine are the sisters and hosts of the newest podcast about clean beauty for women of color and living a more sustainable life.

I was so surprised when I woke up one day to find a request from LinkedIn for help with launching this podcast. At first, I wondered if it was a hoax, nobody had ever contacted me cold before but it just goes to show that it can happen! Now, the Beauty + Impact podcast is out on the airwaves and Ashley was kind enough to take the time to write in about her experience working with us.

Tell us about your experience of using PodLaunch with Jayne?

When I first decided to launch a podcast, I didn’t think too deeply about how much work the production would take. I should have known better, being that I have a background in film and video production. I, of all people, should have understood that producing a podcast show requires just as much attention to detail as producing any other kind of show. Once I saw how overwhelming the work was, I started procrastinating. Thankfully, my partner-in-crime and co-host Jasmine came across “PodLaunch with Jayne” and I’m proud to say Jayne and her team helped me successfully transform from procrastinator to podcaster. Still pinching myself. Me. A podcaster? So weird, but so amazing. Couldn’t have launched without her help.

How has working with us impacted your life? This past year has been jam packed for me. I gave birth to my first son, I’m getting closer and closer to launching my startup, released a new podcast, juggled client project after client project, and had to navigate doing all of this while being a stay-at-home mom. I’m very adamant about making sure I stay focused on my son when he’s awake. I do my best to keep work mode and mom mode completely separate, so I only work when he’s napping during the day (and if I have the energy, I wake up at 5am to work for a couple hours before he wakes up for the day). That means I have very short and limited windows of time to work each day. I have to cram startup, podcast, and client work into maybe a total of 3-4 hours of work time daily (if I’m lucky). So it should go without saying…hiring Jayne and her team to help launch my podcast was the BEST decision I could have made for my own sanity! It just made business sense and mental health sense. It’s always smarter to hire help when you know you need it! What aspects did you like most about PodLaunch with Jayne?

Oh my goodness. I really and truly didn’t know anything about what it would take to properly launch a podcast. Jayne took all that stress off my plate by walking me through the process and giving me a clear understanding of what I needed to do on my end and what she and her team would take care of on theirs. Our kickoff meeting was so informative and prepped me for the road ahead. And then once my co-host and I finally got everything together, her team took what we did and turned it into gold. A professional-sounding podcast, well-written show notes, bomb social media content, assistance with our blog - I mean the whole works! No way, no how would I have been able to do any of this with my hectic schedule. Would you recommend us to other people who want to launch a podcast? Would I recommend them? 5 out of 5 stars yes, I would recommend them to anyone looking to launch a podcast.

I mean, that can’t even be a real question. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to invest in your goals. You can only go so far in life when you try to do everything yourself. You have to spend money to make money—and you get what you pay for, so invest smartly. If you can afford quality help, do it and you will see the difference.

Contact us to talk about launching your show or check out our Podcast Services Page.


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