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Testimonial: Meant for More with Jo Bendle

I've known Jo for a while now and I wanted to support her idea to start a podcast for her community because I knew that the women who she helps would just LOVE this chance to have access to her voice whenever they needed it.

Jo says:

"I absolutely loved working with you on this project you made it so much easier. If it wasn’t for PodLaunch I would not currently be loving hoping on to the mic and recording pep talks for my community. Jayne made the whole process super easy. She literally made it happen. Even making decisions about artwork and music was easier because of your process. Brilliant. I am so grateful for how you managed this, having everything taken care of and feeling so supported throughout the whole project, and now I’m a podcaster. Yay!"

When we started, Jo said the thought that the show concept might be pep talks for her community of around 10 minutes each. Over the first 7 or 8 episodes this idea has definitely been the winner, and so finding her unique way of doing her own show has been what has made it meaningful to Jo herself as well as her community who are so thrilled with the short and sweet but powerful episodes they can dip into when they need it. Listen to the podcast here:


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