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Outrun Cancer with Vanessa Oshima is now LIVE!

When I (Jayne) heard the concept for Vanessa's podcast, I knew that I had to help her to bring this show into being!

From Vanessa:

Yesterday (February 22, 2022) we launched the podcast #outruncancer and I can hand on heart say that without Jayne it would have been an absolute MESS!

Jayne has the “P” locked down ...

PROFESSIONAL: (she walked me carefully through the different ways we could work together with the pros and cons).

PATIENT: (everyone is a beginner in the beginning - but we all bring certain skills to the table - in my case it was marketing ...and NOT technical know how!) She patiently explained the equipment I would need, introduced me to the tools we would use to make sure we could collaborate on design, have access to everything, and work in tandem to get to the goal.

POWERFUL: Jayne has a level of energy that is infectious, she understands how nerve wracking it can be to be doing a podcast for the first time and she powerfully injects just the right amount of energy that got me over the line.

PASSIONATE: You can tell Jayne LOVES helping people get THEIR message out to the world. She has such empathy in that she truly listens to her clients (including when I had a meltdown and said - I can’t put audiograms up on my Instagram doesn’t feel comfortable.) ... put all these words together and you have a...

PARTNER that will not just manage your podcast, she will POLISH it to PERFECTION ...

Jayne thank you for all the “P”s you do.

If you are thinking of entering into this space I would say reach out to Jayne as “Step 0” and she will get you going to step 1 smoothly.

Vanessa Oshima


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