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Testimonial: Jennifer Shinkai from Ikigai with Jennifer Shinkai

What were you struggling with that made you want to seek help with your podcast/show?

I had no idea where to start. What tools did I need? What platforms to use? How to engage with release forms, distribution....My list was endless. So I ended up not doing anything as I could not face the learning curve.

How was Jayne to work with? How did Jayne help you?

Jayne was absolutely brilliant. She made it all so easy and then sat down with me virtually when it was not. She really supported me to stop procrastination and perfectionism getting in the way. Jayne guided me with a calm and gentle hand to just get stuff done. She gave feedback and continued to push me to make sure the podcast was launched. She helped create a suite of templates and shared training for my VA. I can now focus on finding guests as well as recording rather than the minutiae of process.

What would you say to other potential podcasters considering working with Jayne?

Go for it! Great investment if you want to get your podcast launched. There is no need for you to waste time on researching tools and process, Jayne will make it happen for you!

Jennifer Shinkai


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