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Building a Successful Life in Rural Japan


Personal Development




Jayne is a New Zealander and long term resident of Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. She is the creator of the Transformations with Jayne Podcast, which gives a voice to and connects people living their best lives in Japan and around the world. She also helps others to create their own podcasts with her PodLaunch with Jayne program. 


Location: Japan, Fukushima Prefecture.


Available For: Remote or face-to-face interviews



Background Information:

Jayne Nakata is a coach and podcaster, creator of the Transformations with Jayne Podcast.  A podcast that has over 100 episodes and has been connecting people since 2018. Jayne also runs PodLaunch with Jayne, a podcast launching and show production service. See the list of the shows she has worked on here.


Need an expert to talk about the power of community, podcasting and living your best life no matter where you are, even Fukushima, Japan? Invite me to be a guest.

Topics I Can Discuss in English and Japanese:

  • How you can live your best life anywhere, even in Fukushima Japan. 

  • Mistakes people make when trying to create their dream life

  • If starting a podcast is a good idea for you.

  • Why it's so important for more women to join the podcasting world

  • How can we be more resilient in 2021 

  • How we can overcome massive challenges


Interview Questions You Can Ask Me


  • Why did you start the Transformations with Jayne Podcast?

  • What happened to you in 2011, when the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster-hit Fukushima?

  • What are the benefits of not living in a big city like Tokyo?

  • How can you create an amazing life even when you live in a small town or city?

  • What are some misconceptions people have about life in Japan or life in Fukushima?

  • What are the benefits of podcasting or why should I start a podcast?

  • Who should start a podcast and who shouldn’t?

  • Why should women start a podcast?

  • What are some of the reasons why women don't start a podcast? 


How I'll Promote Podcasts I'm On:

For good shows, I will post a graphic and link to the podcast episode on the Transformations with Jayne Facebook page and Instagram account. I will also mention the appearance in an episode of my own podcast. 

Shows I Have Appeared On:

Business Karaoke Podcast, August 25th, 2021

A Seat at The Table Podcast, August 8th, 2021

The Sasuga! Podcast:  May 31, 2021

Voices in Japan, March 11th, 2021 

Seeking Sustainability Live in Japan, March 12th, 2021



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