• Jayne

Who is Christmas for anyway?

Are you doing Christmas for the "kids"? Really?

Today I'm talking about expectations around Christmas.

Hands up if you had wonderful Christmases as a child?

My family Christmases were pretty damn good. My father often had to work, so that meant that we sometimes got to have Christmas dinner at the hotel where he was the manager and the FOOD! So exciting. Our Christmases weren't really about getting the family together as that wasn't always possible but we loved them anyway.

That's the thing. The kids will love it anyway.

Last year Christmas was a breeze because my lovely sister in law got married that day - as you do in Japan! So we had a slap up meal and all the alcohol we wanted, all taken care of! The kids got presents and we had a great celebration. There was karaoke and cake.

Then this year I had