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Podcast: Episode 7- Interview with Victoria Close

This week I speak with Victoria is the owner, designer and wearer of all hats at Biku Designs, a jewelry company that uses recycled kimono to give them a new lease of life. She’s anti “motainai” or “wasting things” and her beautiful necklaces are being sent all over the world as gifts. I also mention my upcoming retreat in October “Celebrate You” in Iwaki. If you want to get on the waiting list please go here. We talk about:

  • Her journey to coming and staying in Japan.Her love of Tokyo, recycling bath water, cutting down on plastic usage, growing urban gardens and more

  • We hear about where she goes to source the kimono for her designs and how they get a new lease on life and her opinion on cutting them up, and process for making the jewellery. How to appreciate the beauty of kimono and how kimono are made.

  • Japanese markets- in particular Boroichi Market

  • How she manages her time, juggling and what she has planned next

  • Japan before vs Japan now - and how much easier it is to live in Japan now for foreigners.

  • Outsourcing


Victoria’s logo was designed by:

Find Victoria here

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