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  • Jayne

Podcast: Bonus Episode- Just Ask!

In this bonus episode, I'll be talking about something super exciting that happened to my family recently because we asked. It turned into a 3 day whirlwind of fun. The story starts with my studies in Japanese in highschool (and a special teacher that helped in my studies) in New Zealand and goes on from there with my history with the language and how it bought me to Japan eventually and also touches on how i met my husband.

See the link below to see more on how we found my long lost Japanese teacher that helped start me on my journey to living in Japan and what happened to him and how that got us on a TV show here in Japan.

If you'd like to watch the episode of tv you can watch it here : Opt in here.

This goes to show how important asking is and the power of asking for what you want.

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