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Podcast: Episode 10- Interview with Sarah Bull

Podcast episode 10 Sarah Bull for Transformation podcasts

Today I talk with Sarah Bull an Australian from the Sunshine Coast now based in Saitama with her daughter, Japanese husband and her dog and two cats. She has been a Japanese-to-English translator since graduating from the University of Queensland’s MAJIT program (Master of Arts in Japanese Interpreting and Translating) in 2007. In addition to her roles as a legal translation instructor at UQ and as a Senior Legal Translator and equity partner with translation company TBSJ, she is currently preparing to launch Translation Mavens: a podcast and online community for people in the Japanese/English translation industry.

  • How she got to this point and the hats she wears in her business

  • Blocks that came up when launching own podcast (for me & her)

  • Difference between translating & interpreting

  • Balancing life between Japan & Australia - Her family loves Japan too so they visit as well! Balancing also the kids school schedules in Japan with travelling back to our home countries.

  • Hippy Gakudo (Hippy after-school care- Sarah’s daughter attended a forest style hippy daycare and then went into hippy after-school care program. Is is part of Sakura Sakuranbo Education Philosophy- it is child-led like Montessori but different again) If interested google Sakura Sakuranbo Houshiki or for a little less hippy then you could try dorodoranko yochien/hoikuen (Basically mud play kindergartens)

  • Sarah loves connecting with other translators and that is how her idea for Translation Mavens started several years back. It took awhile to get to this point but she is launching her podcast- she wants others to be able to share their wisdom and experience.

  • Introverts vs extroverts and also that Sarah is an ambivert (and I might be too!)

  • Sarah’s podcast Translation Mavens- her dreams of moving forward with this and the difference between an idea in your head and actually executing the idea.

Find Sarah here

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