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Podcast: Episode 3- Interview with Jacqui Miyabayashi

Today’s episode is with special guest during my first interview style of podcast Jacqui Miyabayashi, go to gal for expat women in business and we talk a lot on the importance of community. We talk about:

  • Insights she has living in Japan and how she got to Japan

  • How she came to be living her dream and best version of her life here and help them connect with each other and how she made the transformation into her new role

  • Parenting, family life, becoming mothers and finding a balance

  • How we met & the support we offered each other and the importance of connections (and the beauty that is the internet)

  • Jacqui’s word of the year, permission slips and being bold!

  • Long term dreams and Jacqui’s One of a Kind Facebook group which has now morphed into something more.

Find Jacqui here:

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