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Podcast: Episode 4- Interview with Sophie Lion Poulain

Today’s episode is an interview with Sophie Lion-Poulain joining us from France. She has experienced expat life living in the USA for 10 years and now she works as a business coach and super networker. Have a listen to hear about her own transformation and how her life changed after she joined the Real Japan Retreat in 2017. Sophie has run workshops in France in the past as well and talks about her upcoming retreat in June.

For notes on my upcoming retreat see here:

We talk about:

  • What Sophie does, who she helps and her passion for networking & connecting people together.

  • How we met originally (on Real Japan Retreat) and how Sophie did a vision board with Japan before she had even heard about the retreat and decided to go and manifested the trip & it led to a catalyst for a big decision Sophie had to make.

  • Gratitude

  • Her plans to bring her own coaching clients from France and run a retreat with me in November 2018 (more details to come!)

Mentioned in the podcast: Wildly Successful Society with Jo Bendle-

Find Sophie here:

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