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Podcast: Episode 6- Interview with Johanna MacGregor

This week I welcome Johanna MacGregor who writes the popular blog: The Tokyo Chapter . In this episode we discuss life in Japan as a mother, finding your own identity living in a different culture and we also answer some listener questions at the end.

We talk about

  • Johanna’s life so far and how she came to Japan (then left and came back), what she did before becoming a mum and her Japanese language learning experience.

  • Life in Tokyo as a mum- tips for life in Tokyo & how the blog came about

  • Being imperfect, lowering expectations and how Johanna manages to handle everything and strive for balance. The importance of giving yourself permission to do something for you

  • Cultural identity, future plans, mistakes and it is okay to change to direction


Mentioned in the podcast along with several readers/social media followers in the question and answer session the following services and people were also mentioned. Gretchen Rubin

Find Johanna here

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