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Podcast: Episode 8- Interview with Lindsey Sawada

This week I speak with Lindsey Sawada, a British Yogi, mother of one and a long-term resident of Tokyo and owner of Setagaya Yoga Studio.

We talk about

  • Her practice of yoga, meditation and vegetarian lifestyle

  • How she ended up in Japan (via France, Alabama, a stint back in the UK, New York then finally in Japan as an Aupair) despite no interest in Japan originally and how she met her husband.

  • How she started her yoga studio in Tokyo (and teaches in English & Japanese) adults and kids at her studio in Setagaya. How the business was started, the risks and struggles she had starting out and her successes and the importance of determination.

  • Future of the studio (Transformation plans!) and renting the space out (if anyone is interested, contact Lindsey)

  • Balancing act - balancing all the parts of her business, family life, and connecting with her daughter

  • Daily learning practice, Japanese language skills (and how having them or people to help you will help with starting a business) and the difficulties some can face in a foreign country and the importance of thinking outside of the box but also the importance of patience (especially when living in a different country and starting a business)

If anyone is interested in the offer that Lindsay offers at the end of the podcast, please contact her via her Facebook page or via her website. If you are also interested in teaching classes or renting the space, please let her know. Lindsey also has offer to for listeners so make sure you listen to the end for that.

Links (Mentioned in the podcast) Group for Vegetarians & Vegans in Tokyo

Laura Marushima (An online assistant based in Japan)

Find Lindsay here

Instagram: @sawadalindsey

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