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Podcast: Bonus Episode- Behind the Scene at my recent event

In this bonus episode where I talk about my recent event ( held June 16, 2018) and the successes and battles about my first ever Japanese event. Hoping it helps you take the courage to go for what you want as sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is important. I talk about

  • My recent event done completely in Japanese and how scary it was but also how successful and how i wanted to help the women in my community which meant I had to try to do this in Japanese.

  • How the idea came about & why I wanted it to be in Fukushima and transformed into what it was and how the idea developed over time (and how what you think will happen, might evolve into something else) and how i almost cancelled!

  • Importance of having a cheering squad and a support network

  • My next event will be Sunday December 9th. Go here to check it out.

Links Helen Iwata of Sasuga Communications-

Jacqui Miyabayashi

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