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Episode 15: Interview with Helen Iwata

Updated: May 27, 2021

Transformations with Jayne

Helen Iwata, founder and president of Sasuga Communications K. K., helps business professionals communicate with clarity and confidence in the global workplace, so that they can enjoy greater success and happiness.Originally from England, Helen has lived and worked in Japan for over 25 years. In her previous role she trained consultants and clients in leadership and communication skills. In May 2013, Helen established her own business and now offers in-person and online group training and one-on-one coaching in giving presentations, facilitating meetings, participating in conference calls, working effectively as a global team, and other communication skills. She is the go to communications expert!

We talked about:

  • How Helen’s obsession with languages brought her to Japan

  • How Helen honed her communication skills and presentation skills

  • Helen’s #1 tip for presenting

  • Stepping out of and into your comfort zone

  • The transformation Helen is currently experiencing

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