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Episode 16: Interview with Catherine O’Connell, Catherine O’Connell Law

Transformations with Jayne

Catherine O'Connell was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand, with a Kiwi Dad and Aussie Mum and three brothers. She started out in tourism before going into law. Catherine left the Corporate world in March 2017 to take a brand-new path as a “Lawpreneur”, qualifying to become a Japan-recognised Foreign Registered Lawyer, and she then launched her own law practice from April 2018. Catherine is the first foreign female to run her own practice in Japan and first Kiwi to set up as a sole practitioner in Japan. Catherine’s business model is based on flexible lawyering with secondments to in-house legal teams, Japanese law firms and SME businesses which need legal support without hiring a full-time headcount. Catherine’s expertise is in commercial & corporate law and compliance & regulatory.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How she came to be a lawyer in Japan and started her own law firm

  • Some of her tools and support systems that helped her to become a “Lawpreneur”

  • What we should do to take care of our affairs when living in Japan

  • Her word of the’s a killer!

Find Catherine here

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