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Episode 18: Interview with Phil MacDonald

Transformations with Jayne

In today's episode I talk with Phil MacDonald from Sports Therapy Liverpool. Phil is a fully qualified level 5 sports therapist based at the Climbing Hangar Liverpool. He arrived in Japan in 2002 as an English teacher and has transformed from a teacher, to an travel guide, translator and is now a sports therapist helping people who are injured. Phil also works in professional cycling as soigneur to Team Wiggins and the Great Britain cycling team.

We talked about:

  • How Japan influenced him even after leaving Japan

  • Finding your true path, despite being good at loads of languages!

  • Phil’s experience volunteering in Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture post 3/11

  • Getting involved in professional sport supporting cyclists

  • Old injuries and emotional pain

  • The most common problems he sees in his injury clinic

Mentioned in this episode:

Find Phil here

Instagram: sportinjuryphil

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