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Episode 32: Interview with Erinn LaMattery

Today I speak with Erinn LaMattery a woman living in Wakayama- Osaka for 20 years +, married with 4 children and owner of “Off on a Whim” an online business of jewelry and accessories created from all natural materials. She came to Japan from the USA, when she was 16 years old with her family. She has lived two big cities like Tokyo and Osaka before she moves to Wakayama.

We talk about:

  • Making your life in a country that is not necessarily your own

  • The transition from Japan being new and interesting, then hitting difficulties that sometimes comes with living abroad.

  • Raising kids in a culture that is not your own.

  • How you can still learn stuff as well as teaching others by establishing K-A International Mothers in Japan FB group.

  • Life in Wakayama Prefecture

  • How Erinn came to start her online jewelry business

  • How she came to be in Japan

  • Some of her funny Japanese language mistakes

  • She has answered a few questions, which asked by her members of K-A International Mothers in Japan FB group

  • Her advice after over 30 years of living in Japan

Find Erinn here


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