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Episode 34: Interview with Emilia Bergoglio

Emilia Bergoglio is a PhD student in Neuroscience at the University of Tokyo, having initially moved to Japan almost 4 years ago for an internship. Being Italian, art, craftsmanship, and clothing have always been an important part of her life, but her relationship with fashion changed forever once she discovered the huge environmental and human cost of the modern fashion industry. At the same time, in search of a creative hobby, she decided to sew all her clothes, giving up ready-to-wear altogether. Her love for traditional Japanese clothing and textiles brought her to scout kimono recycling shops and remnants markets, fashioning new outfits out of these salvaged materials. Soon after that, her brand Kintsugi was born, with the intention of giving new life to forgotten and discarded fabrics, while pursuing a zero-waste approach.

We talk about:

Being a foreigner in Japan and those damn invisible walls and barriers

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