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Episode : Interview with Laura Marushima

Laura Marushima is a native Australian living and raising a family in Japan and keeping on top of everything they need by using her organizational skills at their best. Raising three kids in a country that is not her own means she has to have systems and help in place to make sure everything gets done. She has always been an organized person, but four years ago I turned these talents into a business, and Full Circle Consulting was born.

She helps other Japan-based entrepreneurs with their businesses - some clients call her their executive assistant, others call her a VA (Virtual Assistant) and others call her their chief of operations. She refers to herself as an Administration consultant but is happy to go by many names as long as they feel She is helping them & with their businesses goals!

We talk about:

  • How Laura came to be in Japan.

  • Japanese school PTA insider information

  • Why she decided to start a business from home

  • Laura’s life hacks for balancing 3 kids and a business

Find Laura Marushima here:

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