Aaaand we are back

Wow. That was some five months of craziness! If you have been wondering where the "Transformations with Jayne Podcast" has gotten to, I'm back to tell you all about it.

If you prefer, you can watch on Youtube or keep reading below!

Back in March 2020, Covid 19 was about to be announced as a pandemic by the WHO. We were in Sweden as expats for my husband's company so this means that we really are here on their dime and can be called back whenever they want us and there's not a lot we can do about it. Suddenly we were told that families would need to return to Japan for the time being. For us, this was a kind of nightmare come true. If anything, we would be worse off in Japan - not my native country. Obviously the company wanted to protect its workers and have their families supposedly out of harms way, but for our family with me as an English speaker, being in Sweden made more sense to us. Being together made the most sense. If there is one lesson I have learnt during this pandemic that I cannot stress enough is not to get separated from your family. This is especially so if you are not all citizens of the same country. If you can at all, stick together.

We did protest being sent back to Japan. We felt it was completely unnecessary for our family and we were very well prepared to whether whatever was coming with potential lockdowns. We could work from home, my children could study from home if necessary. We had food supplies and medicines which I had been quietly accumulating since January when I noticed what was happening in places like Italy that were not at all far away from us here in Sweden. We had plenty of the most hard to get item - toilet paper. But it was deemed "safer" for us to leave all of this and to board two flights and fly 12 hours to Japan. The mind boggles at this, even now. Flight cancellations were happening all the time so even just getting a flight that would get us back to Japan was a struggle as there are no direct flights to Japan from Sweden and the border to Denmark was now closed. We were able to fly to Helsinki and then to Tokyo. One of the most spacious and pleasant flights I've had in absolutely ages, if