Episode 78: Check Your Connection

**These are ideas and inspiration that might help you to find a way to make your own situation more enjoyable, whatever it may be, and wherever in the world you may be. My wish is for you to find more peace and calm during these times so please make your own decisions based on what is happening where you are. Please be safe in whatever you choose to do.**

I had the pleasure of hosting a half-day online retreat for my Mastermind members recently. I had wanted to hold it in person when I visited Japan in June of this year. However, the COVID situation made that impossible and my trip and event were canceled. I wanted to make sure we had a chance to do a long-form type of gathering and if it had to be online, well we would do it online. We all tried our best to make the most of the event by creating a retreat at home or some members were able to go and stay somewhere nearby that wasn’t their usual home which enabled them to switch off more than if they were in their own home.

I also took my own advice and organised a weekend away for our family on the Archipelago near Gothenburg. We stayed in a beautiful house overlooking the sea for two nights, which really helped me to switch off from the rush of our daily life in the city. The best part was sending my family back early so that I could run the online retreat from our beach house without distraction. It really made a big difference to the atmosphere. Everyone was so keen to hear from each other and learn from each ot