Episode 79: Success at (insert your age here)

Well, I’ve started another trip around the sun, entering my 41st year on this planet. Yesterday my daughter said: I don’t want you to be 41, can you go back to being 40? I said, “well if I go back to 40, that means you have to go back to being 8, and I don’t think you want to do that do you!”. She most certainly did not. She’s ready to grow up right now apparently. It’s hard to keep her in her own age group as she is a much more mature soul than her 9 years. Takes after me a lot there.

So I took this chance to give myself a fresh start. Fresh starts can happen at any time: Monday. Today. Start of the month. A birthday. There are lots of great chances for fresh starts, but a birthday is an excellent chance to recalibrate your lifestyle. When I look back at the periods where I felt the most successful in my life, I was doing several things:

  1. Planning my week out carefully

  2. Exercising in some way every day