Episode 81: Sayonara Sweden

Wow, November is now half over!!

So I guess it’s time to announce to you all the next change that is happening with the Nakata family. A few weeks ago now, my husband came home from work with a shell shocked look on his face. After we’d put the kids to bed he told me what had happened. Due to the economic impact of Covid, the project he was working on - the reason we were able to come to Sweden - had been cancelled by the customer. That meant that there was no more work for him here in Sweden and unless something else crazy happened very quickly, we would be going back to Japan and probably soon.

As far as bad news goes, this wasn’t that terrible. Everybody is still alive and healthy. But boy did that piece of news rock my world. We had been back in Sweden only for a few months after we had been sent to Japan during the height of the Covid crisis for our “safety”. We had just made it back, we’d just settled into a really nice new home. The kids had been back at school for a few weeks. Finally I had peace in my life. I had time to myself again. I was enjoying spending time with my friends that I’d missed so much during our time away. I’d just had a really nice session with my coach just the day before. We’d talked and I’d made some plans. Then it was like those plans had just exploded in my face.