One small step back onto the path

I'm really enjoying being back doing what I love which is writing. I haven't given up on podcasting at all but first I will enjoy the process of writing the episode in full and then recording. That way you can enjoy "Transformations with Jayne" in written, visual or audio format.

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So school is back for some people after summer - not all, I know this, right now there are still people in lockdown around the world.

However if you see that your life has gone back to a kind of new normal but you don't feel normal, then this is the post for you.

After several months of living with the new normal, I expect you may be feeling tired, listless, perhaps frustrated. For a lot of us we've lost things. We've lost loved ones, or the chance to meet our loved ones. Some people have lost jobs, opportunities and the things that keep us moving through our lives smoothly and enjoyable things too, like trips overseas, parties, concerts. Everything is cancelled. Everything except laundry. Laundry is never cancelled.

So at this time I'd like you take back your focus from what's going on "out there" and bring it back to what's going on "in here". *points to head*

Let's focus on one aspect of knowing yourself better, that will lead to more ease in your life. I'm going to go super small today. Nobod