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Persistence and Creativity with Kristen McQuillin

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Today's chat with Kristen was so much fun. You can read more about her below, and see the artwork we refer to in the episode.

We talk about:

How Kristen came to be in Japan and living in the countryside end of Chiba

Fun things about living in the Japanese countryside

The reward for being persistent with yoga practice

Jayne announces her “Theme Word of the Year”

Kristen also announces hers!

Advice for getting started with painting

Kristen says:

“The worst question ever is “What do you do?” because it's hard to pin me down to doing just one thing. I have reinvented myself so many times that I can list 64 different jobs I have been paid for - some in the arts, in technology, in education, and in business management. I'm currently focused on art, yoga, and making sense from chaos. I’ve been on the Internet since 1991 and was for many years the first search result for “Kri

sten” but was later eclipsed by actress Kristen Stewart”.

My website(s) and social media:

MEDIATINKER (personal)

Instagram @mediatinker



Instagram @drawing_meditations_workshops

Also mentioned in the show:


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