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Taking action no matter what with Tracey Northcott

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

In this episode, I'm talking to Tracey Northcott. She is an inspiration, with how she has created so many businesses across different markets. Her business Tokyo Family Stays has been an amazing success, until Covid closed the borders and her main market could no longer travel to Japan. ⁠

In this episode we talk about:⁠

🏠How Tracey and others were affected by the Covid Pandemic⁠

🏠A great online group for entrepreneurs in Japan we have found a lot of support from⁠

🏠How Tracey started what became a 7 figure “Minpaku” business⁠

🏠Being a bridge between newcomers and locals⁠

The importance of niching down⁠

🏠Some cool ideas for places to spend this summer in Japan⁠

Australian Tracey Northcott of Enfour, Tokyo Family Stays and Tracey Northcott Consulting is a serial entrepreneur and multi-preneur based in Tokyo, Japan. She is one of the most successful Airbnb hosts in Tokyo, at one point having 23 properties for rent in the Tokyo 23 Wards. She also runs Software development company Enfour with her family as well as Tracey Northcott Consulting where she helps other hosts discover the true potential of their STR or Airbnb business maximizing their investment, enjoyment and hospitality standards.



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