• Jayne

DIY 1 Day Retreat

Due to the popularity of the 1 Day Retreat in Tokyo, I thought I'd show you how you can build your own DIY 1 Day Retreat, wherever you are in the world.

Alone or together?

First let's decide if you would like to do your DIY retreat alone or with some friends. Plus for the alone style one is that you can do what you want when you want. That is something that mothers with small children especially lack and so this might seem like a very attractive option. If you are more introverted on the spectrum, then it might be even more attractive.

I would encourage you to do a small group retreat. 2-4 people is great. The reason I suggest this is that if you chose 2 or 3 people who actually give you energy you will come away from your 1 day retreat feeling very energised. If you go alone, then you may feel quite isolated and even lonely by the end of the day. Whatever you choose, #knowthyself!


Relaxation time: Build in some self-care. If you are doing this alone, this could be in the form of buying yourself some luxurious bath salts like these from SOAK the Project. Or splashing out on some really good face masks. You could also book yourself in for a massage, facial or just go along to a sp