• Jayne

From suffering through summer to surrounded by nature in New Zealand

Carter's Beach, New Zealand

I'm in New Zealand now! How did I get so lucky? Part of it was the birth lottery that I was born in a great country. But that I can come back here with my kids for the Japanese summer is because of choices and support from my husband and family.

The last summer in Japan ever

Last summer in Japan, I had a 2 year old at home and 5 year old home from kindergarten. It was tough to say the least. Every day the weather is either roasting hot or raining and it's always humid and sticky and HOT. Where we live we are surround by a lot of nature. Which is lovely. Except in summer when that nature bites you, stings you and is generally terrifying. We are talking mosquitoes biting, massive wasps, the size of your thumb coming to our garden making it a no go zone and not being able to walk around our neighbourhood without having to watch out for snakes. Argh. If we did go out, there are about 3 indoor cool places for kids to play so with active little kids, it really is not a fun time of year. I swore next year I would take my family home to NZ for the summer holidays.

But how to make that happen?