• Jayne

Trial your ideal life

Hi! We are still in NZ. I know right? We've been here for nearly a month now and we still have a couple of weeks to go before we head back to Japan in time to start school again.

Don't worry I'm not sending my kids from one school to the next constantly! We do have a break each side. We will be heading to my old home town to visit friends and have fun before heading back to Japan and regular life again.

This is the second time now I have brought the kids out to New Zealand and put them in school. They are really loving it here. Back in Japan 6 months ago I was a mess wondering how it would all pan out.

Let me show you my thought process:

Goal: Children need to have a good command of both Japanese and English which means we need to spend more time in New Zealand and with my own family.

My Idea: Buy a house right away, to live in only a couple of months a year somehow... (I kno