• Jayne

Half Marathon Part 2: Less than 3 months to go!

Hi! It's been a while since I've found time to sit down and write about what's happening with my first ever half marathon!

My little running buddy and I post run and soaking wet! Yeah!

The countdown is on! It's less than 3 months to go! So how am I going???

Well to be honest! I wasn't doing so well there for a bit. I found I was procrastinating, snacking when I wouldn't normally, eating foods I wouldn't normally look at! What was going on?!?!?!? It was weighing on me A LOT. I knew what to do, but I just wasn't doing it!!

Then I realised, I needed help.

I'm in uncharted territory here. Nobody in my immediate family has ever run this distance. I felt like I didn't know what to do, was I in fact doing the right thing? Was there something I was missing? How on earth would I ever get from 5k to 21 k in that time?!?!?