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Half Marathon Part 2: Less than 3 months to go!

Hi! It's been a while since I've found time to sit down and write about what's happening with my first ever half marathon!

My little running buddy and I post run and soaking wet! Yeah!

The countdown is on! It's less than 3 months to go! So how am I going???

Well to be honest! I wasn't doing so well there for a bit. I found I was procrastinating, snacking when I wouldn't normally, eating foods I wouldn't normally look at! What was going on?!?!?!? It was weighing on me A LOT. I knew what to do, but I just wasn't doing it!!

Then I realised, I needed help.

I'm in uncharted territory here. Nobody in my immediate family has ever run this distance. I felt like I didn't know what to do, was I in fact doing the right thing? Was there something I was missing? How on earth would I ever get from 5k to 21 k in that time?!?!?

Sooo many unhelpful thoughts. I also noticed I'd started putting myself last again. When did that happen?? I was doing all these great things like the Capture Kyoto retreat (So fabulous!) and my work as a tutor for My Body Tutor, not to mention being a mum and teaching English and and and... Yep.

So I decided it was time to call on some help. Another lesson for me to learn about asking for help. That was so the right thing to do although it felt super hard in the moment.

I "could" try to do this alone. But it's so much easier to do it with support.

Now I feel like I'm back to doing what I know I need to do, and I'm LOVING preparing for this 1/2 marathon instead of avoiding and feeling stressed. Someone has my back now. I have my own coach who is going to make sure I get there!

I'll share one piece of gold that she has helped me to realise: It's not about the race.

Say what?

It's all about the training. Every time you finish a training run, you win the race.

Well that sounds doable!

Pressure off!

Watch this space!!

Are you following me on Instagram? Pop over and say hi! You can see cute pics of me and my dog soaking wet (not raunchy I assure you) and what kind of running shoes I wear! Oh and other cool stuff too. My dog is super cute, and I'm not just saying that.

Did you read about the Capture Kyoto Retreat? It was so much fun! I'm still buzzing from the connections I made during that weekend. Make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter to hear about the next Capture Retreat with Tia and I in 2018.

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