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  • Jayne

Stress: Are you wishing for something other than what is?

This morning I was out walking my dog and listening to a podcast by Marie Forleo talking about stress.

You may be familiar with Eckhart Tolle and she mentioned one of his quotes about stress that really struck me and I just had to pass it on.

Stress is caused by being "here" and wanting to be "there".

I see this a lot with my clients who want to see a change and when they look and see where the "are" and it's not where they want to "be", it causes stress. What do they do? They do stuff that doesn't help them get "there", the opposite in fact. Instead of taking action, they do nothing!

So by accepting and acknowledging what IS, we can beat stress. It doesn't mean we give up and accept things as they are. We choose to do better or to move forward from "here".

Another idea might be the stress you feel from being stuck in a traffic jam and you see the clock ticking away as your meeting time approaches. You wish you were already there, but no, you are here. In the traffic jam, stress building. If we accept we are in the traffic and jam and right now, we can only choose HOW we deal with this situation.

We could sit there fuming, steam coming out of our ears, or we could accept what is and turn on our favourite song on Spotify, listen to an uplifting podcast etc. We will still get there when we get there.

We almost always have a choice how we approach any situation.

How will you approach that challenge that is coming? Will you resist or will you accept it and do your best to be in the moment that is now?

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