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  • Jayne

Update: Less than 2 months until race day

I'm on my way to being super ready for my first half marathon in February in New Zealand!

Last time I reported, there had been a rough patch where I was struggling to get out and do the training that I needed to do to be fit enough to finish the race on February 10th.

I started using a coach to help keep me on track and her support and knowledge of what I should be doing and when has been invaluable. Not only have I not skipped a run, but I'm getting faster and I am now actually even "loping" along instead of shuffling as I was even a month or so ago! All I had to do was run more consistently.

I recently reported to my husband that I will be running 14km for the first time soon. He asked me if I've gone just a bit insane! What's happened to me?

I am an "athlete" now.

Ha ha. I love to use that word. Not a word I ever thought I could use in relation to myself. But I like it.

Watch this space!

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