• Jayne

17 things from 2017

I thought I'd attempt to capture some of the cool things that happened in 2017 before it's all over and we are onto new things in 2018.

But then I tried to write 17 things and got performance anxiety so I decided to just write what came to mind. Here goes!

1) Doing it alone just doesn't work.

So many times I've had to learn this lesson! When will I learn it for real? This year it was my business and my health I needed help with the most, but also asking for help in general in my personal life either from my husband, from friends or by hiring a cleaner, it all made things better!

2) Trial your ideal life

Everything you do should be an experiment to see if it's what you really want. Do you think you want to move to Spain? Really? Why not go there for a month to see if that's true! This year we trialed going to NZ for longer periods for the kids to go to school and so far it's working in it's current form!