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Episode 27:Interview with Harumi Suzuki; Making the most of your life, where ever you live

I'm excited to introduce you to Harumi from Sunshine Ink. First she was a fan of the podcast, now she's a student of my coaching course and appearing on the podcast herself!

Harumi Suzuki is a photographer, who express her creativity by capturing her memories. She found herself attracted to the majestic beauty of nature and the rawness of the human spirit. Photography providing her an outlet to share her perspective with others. Sunset, flowers, blue skies and capturing the pureness of the human emotion are some of her favorite subjects. She focuses on the brighter side of life and reminds us that there is joy in everyday life, if we care to seek for it.

Harumi lives at Hitachi in Ibaraki prefecture. The countryside is closely connected to nature and has played a major influence in her life. Some of her interests include fashion, craft, traveling and adventure, where you will find her with her loved ones; enjoying life as a 21st century woman.

We talk about:

How Harumi came to be on this podcast! A super fun story!

How Harumi became a photographer whilst being a single mother and living in rural Japan

Her advice for people just starting to follow their passions.

Harumi planning to do more work in Ibaraki and Tokyo this year, so please contact her for any photography needs.

She is also planning to have a photo event in April, something relating to her collaboration with a modern dancer and her friend, Mikal Samuels.

In addition, she is looking to collaborate with an artist or a blogger this year.

Find Harumi here: Website:

Facebook: sunshine ink Instagram:@sunshine.ink


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