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Episode 30: Interview with Cat Nakamichi

Catherine Nakamichi is a passionate learner, an avid reader and people describe her as a go-getter. She brings this passion for discovery to every project she work on.

You might wonder how she has time to be a mother (of two teenagers), heavily involved in the community in which she lives and able to pursue her personal interests of sailing and embroidery as well as wearing and making kimono. Her days are full but she starts each one with a walk in the park with our Tohoku rescue-dog, Xyris.

It would be her pleasure to discover something new and add to her personal knowledge of Japan and her rich culture by working together with you to bring your words to life - in English.

Catlingual has been a trusted name in translation since 2006. The commitment to you is to be professional, timely and accurate every time.

Translation is more than simply taking the words on the page and changing them into another language. As a professional translator, Catherine has a deep understanding of both Japanese and English. The result for you is an eloquent presentation of your core message.

Find Catherine Nakamichi here:

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