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Episode 28: Getting closer to your craft with Tia Haygood

Tia Haygood is a Tokyo-based photographer who has helped over 200 Japanese and International- owned businesses in Japan with her own business, TopTia Photography. She’s skilled in event, portrait, product and food photography whose main focus is providing a visual catalyst to improve branding power to local artists and entrepreneurs. From covering annual business conferences to making children laugh at family portraits sessions, Tia brings an abundant amount of energy and compassion that her models and clients can enjoy. She is currently working towards obtaining her certification in professional photography for both America and Japan.

During her free time she enjoys cycling, cooking new recipes and spreading awareness about Tokyo-based NPOs and NGOs.

We talk about:

How she started out as a photographer

How she grew during 2018

Being closer with your craft

The Photography retreat on April 6th and 7th.

Links of things mentioned in this episode:


Ruth Lyneburger, Tea

Find Tia Haygood here:



IG: @toptiaphotos


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