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Encore Episode with Jennifer Shinkai

Firstly a huge congratulations to Jennifer Shinkai on the release of her podcast- Ikigai with Jennifer Shinkai (I may or may not have played a part in that!)

Not long before our move to Sweden, I interviewed Jen for my podcast- Jen is British and a long-term resident of Tokyo where she lives with her family focusing on integrating Ikigai (life purpose) into her daily work as well as an inclusion and diversity specialist. If you miss this episode the first time, I highly recommend a listen and then head over to Jen’s channel to check out her new podcast and show her some love.

In this episode we talk about:

The recent typhoon and flooding (in October 2019)

How Jennifer came to be in Japan

What is "ikigai" Points of You ® coaching

Jennifer runs a lot of online workshops now as well so be sure to check her website or FB page for more details especially if you are interested in learning more about Points of You or Ikigai.


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