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Photography, design and adventures in nature with Janine Naoi

Updated: May 17, 2021

Photography, jewelry design and outdoor adventures near Tokyo are just some of the topics I’m talking about today with my guest Janine Naoi from Ippei & Janine Photography.

Thank you to Sarah Nishina for encouraging me to contact Janine! If you have always wanted to spend more time in nature but don’t because you live in Tokyo or you think it’s too dangerous or scary (also me) then this is the episode for you.

If you enjoyed this episode and it inspired you in some way, we’d love to hear about it and know your biggest takeaway. Take a screenshot of yourself listening to the episode on your device, post it to your Instagram Stories, and tag me and Janine, @transformationswithjayne and @ippei.janine

Janine Naoi is a photographer and designer, adventurer, coffee and wine lover, wife of a Japanese man, and mummy of a dream daughter.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Covid has affected Janine’s photography business and a surprising bonus too

  • Tips for going into nature in Japan including what time of day snakes are out

  • Why having a photo shoot is empowering and some of the other surprising results too

  • A way to capture great photos of your family that doesn’t require them to smile!

  • Bonuses for listeners! Make sure you listen to the end!

Connect with Janine: Coupon Code: LoveFromGinza

Connect with Jayne:


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