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Social Impact Architect Sarajean Rossitto helps us prepare for a natural disaster

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Sarajean was in a very uncomfortable situation when the shaking started on 3-11 in Tokyo. In this episode, we talk about how she became involved in the recovery work in Tohoku and some of the things she discovered that she is now using as knowledge to help us be better prepared for future natural disasters. You should definitely listen to this episode if you are wondering if you have everything in your emergency kit!

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We talk about:

  • How Sarajean came to be in Japan

  • Trialing what your future life might look like

  • The tricky situation Sarajean was in when the 3-11 earthquake struck

  • How her connections and experience led her to become involved in the recovery work in Tohoku

  • Leading groups in the recovery zone, and how she overcame cross-cultural communication difficulties

  • The things you have probably forgotten from your emergency kit

  • The two most important things to know in an emergency

  • Her social impact training: Develop yourself to inspire others

Connect with Sarajean:

About Sarajean:

Sarajean works with people wanting to have/make a positive social impact, for example, people from the private and public sectors as well as key players in the nonprofit space. By linking actors and providing project coordination and advisory services she helps nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, international organizations and corporations better tackle social needs.

Sarajean has been working with nonprofits in Japan for more than 20 years. Since March 2020, she has coordinated and initiated a number of online training and organization development programs including expanding the Develop Yourself to Inspire Others (DYIO) capacity development training to a wide variety of organizations. In 2021, she continues her research on how the pandemic is impacting children not living with their families and how crisis affects nonprofits in Japan. She is also teaching about such themes at Temple University, Japan Campus and Sophia University.

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