• Jayne

Guilt: You are not alone!

I've been grappling with the guilt of working on my retreat business for a while now. I sometimes have to go away and leave my family for a long weekend while I have fun traveling to places around Japan with my retreat participants.

Sounds tough right?

The thing that always gets me is the guilt.

I feel that I am deserting my family and my husband and being terribly selfish for going away. I thought maybe my husband might even divorce me because I wasn't there to show my love every minute of the day. Because surely he would only love me if I worked for it.


It looks ridiculous when written down. I didn't even realise that I thought that for a long time. But I did.

So instead of looking for evidence that I was being a burden on my family, I decided to look for evidence that my family did support me in this venture.

My family was supporting me in their own ways. My husband does this by obviously agreeing to let me go! He doesn't do this grudgingly either. He even suggested that I go away by myself for a weekend that started this whole business.