Okinawa Adventure 2017!

​Was a great success! As I mentioned I was skeptical of whether I could get anybody at all to come along with me for a while. Once I started focusing on what I did want (a full retreat), I stopped worrying about what I didn't want and slowly 3 women decided to join me!

Now we are all on our way home again, I'm amazed at how well it turned out. I'm writing this to you on the plane, even but I will post it once I get home.

Okinawa Top Tip

Get a rental car.

They are extremely cheap! Ours was less than ¥10,000 for two days. Okinawa is fairly easy to navigate, too.

We drove up to our beach side hotel in Onna Son. It had a private protected beach as well as a pool. Onna is where some of the biggest, most luxurious hotels in Okinawa are, but you don't necessarily need to stay there to use them. You can eat in the restaurants or buy a day pass to the water parks (which the people staying there pay for anyway!)

Okinawa Top Tip