• Jayne

Real Japan International Women's Retreat 2017

It's nearly the end of November!! Time is flying isn't it! I can't believe it's been more than a week since the participants of the Real Japan Retreat left to go back to their various countries. None of us will ever be the same again!

This was the first year for the Real Japan Retreat, which was aimed at international women entrepreneurs. In addition to getting a great experience of "real Japan" I wanted to give local women entrepreneurs a chance to mastermind with women from other countries. Somehow this turned out to be an amazing experience where everyone went home wanting more!

Train Bento!

This retreat started in Tokyo, after arriving from France and the Netherlands, I whisked the participants away from the craziness and rush of Tokyo to a sleepy little hot spring town called Yumoto, about 2 hours by train north of Tokyo. Once you leave the train, you can get started with the hot springs right away by soaking your feet in the foot bath just outside the station! It's so refreshing after a trip on the train and sitting for 2 hours.