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Encore Episode with Minori Hanashima

Are you looking for change? In February of 2020, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my wonderful clients and long-time fan of my podcast, Minori Hanashima.

Minori is an account manager and translator based in Tokyo in the PR Industry. I was so proud of Minori for coming on the show and stepping out of her comfort zone to join me and how far she has come even though she didn’t change anything on the outside, only on the inside.

In the episode:

How she built a network around her interest in translating

Her transformation from stressed sick to happy and satisfied with her life

The reason behind her previous lack of confidence and how she is now

The change in her thinking habits that decreased her stress levels

Her guiding word for the year and why she prefers that over goals

There is so much value in listening to someone who is actually going through their transformation, I hope you will find some great inspiration in her story. I love seeing my clients reach success and helping them get there. My "Team Jayne", one to one and group coaching program for Japanese women is open again in February 2021. To find out more:

Sign up for the free training on January, 24th here: Listen here:


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